Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

The Last Few Days


Went to Devon via a few bookshops. Checked out Carehome and had very useful talk with the manageress there. This all set up by Nora (thanks Nora).

Thursday. Ian was coming over and had planned to put my new PC together. Ian's new Suzuki had a leak in the tyre department so I drove over and picked him up. Very surprised how quick I got over there considering it was the rush hour... Where was everyone? We linked up all the bits of the PC on the sofa (who needs a case). All did not go well. CPU nearly went poot! due to overheating. Not sure why but the fan wasn't up to the job, Cooler Master rate it for this CPU. New bigger fan on order. So we made the best of a bad job and... Went down the pub. Then after the pizzas in my fridge called us back we watched a couple of videos and I did a spot of displacement worrying, worried about new PC bits.

Took Ian to work this morning,, hope he got his bike fixed (did you?). Then went round to my storage unit and decided to clear out all those things that may come in useful one day... Hmmm... not unless I need some landfill. So I took a car load of dead computers and HiFi down the dump. Called in on Dave for coffee, and then on to to pick up my boots (back at the cobblers again), then a swift lunch in the car park at Tesco. Then finally over to see my dad around 1:30.

Dad's not good. He can't walk again. Not good and a bit of a shock for me. I had though we were on course for getting him home begining of October. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a set back.

Came home went to bed for a while. Got up and suddenly I had an idea as to why my new printer is playing up... Don't want to jinx it but it seems OK now. Maybe I shouldn't count my chickens.

Watched some video emails Ari had sent me... Much cheered up by them :-)

Spoke to Nora tonight and it really helped. Not feeling too guilty about not seeing my dad tomorrow.

Stuff to do next week.

1. Get car MOT. Please let it pass, please let it pass.

2. Talk to Age Concern.

3. Clear out more stuff.

4. Build new PC.

5. Visit dad.

I'm sure there's much more...

Best of all Ari arrives in 12 days :-)

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