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DIY and JDI* - Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mark Rimmell

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DIY and JDI* [Nov. 24th, 2015|08:47 pm]
Mark Rimmell
Interrupted this morning by problems elsewhere. Long story made short, email arrived listing problems all of which sound like they're going to be expensive. Arranged for two someone elses to go look and tell me how much.

Eventually... after several emails, phone-calls, and some research on-line, got to take Samson (AKA Sampson for tax reasons) on what Cherie Priest calls the "Neighborhood Jaunt" on her blog. If you haven't read Cherie Priest's blog I suggest you do, there will be kittens. Highly recommend Cherie Priest's novels too. I'm half way (ish) through her second Lizzie Borden and the Cthulhu mythos novels. Utterly brilliant!

Once the dog had been "jaunted". met up with Jo and we dropped in to the vet's to pick up the dog ear wax solvent that was on order from last night. Sampson very well behaved and didn't eat the Dachshund who followed us in. Sampson also surprised me by putting his front paws up on the reception desk to be fussed by the nurse. I forget how big he is.

Got home from the vet around 2pm and finally was able to start on what was supposed to be the day's job. Back in the attic, framing around the new window, and finishing the panelling, while Jo chopped away at the bedroom wall below me, removing the last of the plaster and the lathes. It was a horrible, horrible job made all the worse because we haven't got the room now to totally empty the room and having to try and and squeeze behind the wardrobe. It was one of those jobs I really didn't want to start because I know how bloody awful it was going to be. However Jo got on with it and pleased (very, very pleased) it's done now.