Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

'Back of The Envelope Designs' in association with 'Thumb Nail Sketches' present...

The Hidden Door


Hastily sketched design for the bookcase door.
Presented here for no other reason than... "I can't lose it if I post it on LJ".

Notes to self.

  • Book spines form edge of door on each side.

  • Hinges will be under the spines on the left-hand side. So two 'books' will have to protrude right to the edge, level with the shelf. Considered hidden hinges, but they look too modern.

  • Spines will not be all sticking out the same distance. All the hidden doors I've seen, look really obvious because the books are too uniformly distributed across the shelves.

  • Wheels hidden under the plinth (it's going to be heavy).

  • Classic haunted house opening mechanism operated by pulling a book.

  • Crawl space behind door to be made to look like original construction, back of lathe and plaster, hide modern insulation, and board over floor. Half temped to encourage spiders to festoon the space with cobwebs, but as they don't seem to have done it in the last 120 ish years I guess they never will.



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