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Last two days

Yesterday (Wednesday)
Went to see my dad. He still can't walk without someone holding him up. How am I expected to try having him home in this state? Am I expected to try and have him home in this state? Came home more than a little depressed about the situation. Looks as if plan B may be forced on us before we get to try plan A.

Met up with Ruth to do Ruth Bday power lunching... This is like normal lunch but more beer. It was nice to see Russell again after many, many years. HE HASN'T CHANGED!... Apart from going from having red hair to black.

I moved on to meet up with Bunny P and Demetra for a recording of Parsons & Naylor's radio show.This was fun, although I get the idea the best bits (rude bits) will have to be cut.

Came home tired but happy to be able to talk to Ari. Ari you haven't put anything on your LJ since May!

Today was my Day Off... Dad does fun stuff in the day unit on Thursdays so I am now making it my day off. I had intended to go to my storage unit and clear out more crap... But it didn't work out like that. By the time I got up and awake it was time to go over and pick up James T. Kirk. We acidently met up with Marc the urban cowboy and had a beer or two by the river.

I came home and spoke to Ari then had a little sleep. THen decided to put all the new bits of PC I have together to do a sofa test on the new components. It's a bit like a bench test but it's done on the sofa.

Yes, this is a working PC.

Eventually got the whole Windowz XP experience working, then had to take it all to bits to sit down. At least the new CPU fan is keeping the temperature down to acceptable levels.

Going to sit on the partly cleared sofa now and watch the end of How We Live Now... BBC costume drama that I should of taken back to the library yesterday... D'oh!

Then Ari said she would call around 10 :-)