Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell


Tonsillitis and another chest infection. I thought I was feeling a little under the weather. Was very rough last night, so went to see the Doc yesterday morning. Doc prescribed penicillin and other squirty stuff. I had no idea you could still get tonsillitis post tonsillectomy, but yes you can. This information left me wondering what was the point of cutting the offending lumps out 30 odd years ago. Then I remembered that repeated bouts of tonsillitis between the age of 1 and 21 left me with tonsils so big that when moving to a new doctor, he marveled at the size of them and called in his colleagues so they might also marvel. One of the marveling throng of MDs asked, "How do you swallow?"

Fast forward a few months post tonsillectomy, and I was marveling at my ability to swallow food after only chewing for a few moments.
Fast forward 30ish years. Just woke up (2am) with raging sore throat, came downstairs to rummage for paracetamol. Said drugs found, now sitting waiting for them to kick in, but right now cold water is helping.

Now I just want to get better so I can get on with all the work I have.


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