Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Nixie tubes are being manufactured again. Not a mass produced product of a large Chinese factory, as I suspected would be the case although this could still happen. The worldwide demand must surely soon outstrip the remaining stockpile of NOS Nixies and at some point, this will come to the attention of large manufacturers. In the meantime, this chap in the Czech Republic is producing handcrafted artisan tubes. After watching his video I was figuring the tubes would be at least $400 each. I am astounded he is retailing them at $150. His failure rate must be very low, not surprising given the attention to detail in his product and the lab conditions he has created for his working environment and manufacturing process.
He hopes to expand production and this should bring the unit cost down, eventually bringing them to a price I can afford for the DD/MM/YYYY and time clock I want to build into an 18th-century style clock case.

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