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Had to take Ari to the airport this morning... So I was feeling a little low anyway. Went over to my dad's place to check on things:

See if the cowboy tree surgeon have been back and dumped half a tree in my dad's back garden. I chucked the last lot back over the fence. I did try knocking first but no one answered, I'm sure they were in. The trees look a right state, like a helicopter crashed into them.

Went to see my dad before lunch. He's very agitated, can't walk, but want's to go home. I had a call from his doctor last week, who explained he wouldn't be able to discharge my father home because of his condition and he would have to go into residential care. This news didn't do me much good. I was even more please Ariaga was with me when this news came in. I had figured out that he wouldn't be going home just yet, however I had thought we would be waiting to see if he got any better.

Ari's all to brief visit was spent going for curries, celebrating mine and James T. Kirk's birthday, going to Hampton Court, visiting Linley Sambourne's house and a couple of drinks down the White Swan.

This afternoon I tried out my new toy (see below). Moved a light switch and made a lot of dust with it. I had tried to drape and stick a plastic sheet over the area I was working but it didn't work too well.

Should of moved everything first I guess.

Cut one hole

Turn off electricity and remove switch.

Remove anything in the way.

I have to wait in for an order of porter to be delivered, so I may as well get on and wash down the kitchen.... or have a little rest.....

Missing Ari already.