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Odd day.

Couldn't get going today... Was expecting delivery of compu/minidisc hardware, didn't arrive.

Phoned me mum. She sounds very perky, positive and confident. We talked about what I had read the previous night.

Went round to drop off paperwork to Unx and Bunny P. Then headed off to Shepherds Bush to meet Philippa. We'd arranged to go and see Monsters Inc. Remembering my last trip into town (OK Shepherds Bush ain't the heart of London) I decided on forgoing the pleasures of public transport and rolled out in car #1. Just as well as the Tube wasn't running and Philippa arrived only just in time.

Film was fun, gave Philippa lift home and came home. Got message from jeweler about resizing three of my rings... Waaah! HOW MUCH! OK I guess it's not that bad and it does mean I can have a fist full of silver again. Strange thing is my fingers are soooo big I'm off the ring scale.

Ordered a shirt pattern tonight. Totally fed-up with the unavailability of anything approaching cool looking men's wear in anything other than baby-boy size. Sod it I'll make me own! I wonder how out of practice with the overlocker I am.

Got to go and help Unx with his car tomorrow... Now where did I put that sledgehammer?

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