Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

My porter just arrived... and this breaks my heart ;-) but I had to send it back. Looked like most of it was soaking into the cardboard box. Having phoned the company (who were very nice about it) it seems they would of preferred me to take the order and let them know what was damaged. However it's kind of hard to make that decision in the 15 seconds the postman's on your doorstep.

At least I can go out now. Off to get some bits for putting the tiles up in the kitchen and then go and see my dad.

Ari's home. Spoke to her briefly last night.

Think I'll try and call a meeting of the Museum Street Irregulars for the 7th of October. I have a meeting about my dad's discharge in the morning and I think a beer or two in the evening may be needed.


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