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Done too much.

Cable in wall, and new tiles up. just need to let the adhesive dry then grout them in.

It been a busy day. Got up... piled stuff into car, went to dump. Dropped in to piercedandproudfor a coffee or two, then on to Hounslow to get some new cloths for my dad. Though he's be a bit more comfortable in something more casual this involved me buying a pair of sweat pants (I think that's what the kids call them) for the first time. Also picked up some DVDs in the HMV sale:

Vampire Kiss (Nick Cage)
Ed Wood (Should come with free angora sweater)
Tipping the Velvet

Also had to get name tags for dad's new stuff. I feel like I'm sending him to school for the first time.

Measured up for a tool locker outside my back door. Going to get it made to measure, will drop in to shed man tomorrow after visiting my dad.

Just need to iron on the tags and then I'm putting my feet up. I've done too much and ache all over.