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Another Bloody Day From Hell

Went to see my dad this morning and had to stay all day. He was slumped in a chair almost bent double and not really conscious. This and two new bumps on his head and we end up in A&E for the day. He seems OK now. He's had every test under the sun. There's now an xray of my dad's upper spine, and jaw and just for added weirdness my hand holding his head up.... Al least I think my hand will be on the plate, judging from where the plate was positioned behind him.

Nearly had argument with a porter or two about a stolen wheelchair. I just kept saying "nothing to do with me, phone the unit my dad is in". Poor chaps finally find one of their missing wheelchairs, possibly half inched by another department (although they shut up for a while when I asked if it could of been sold to or given to the unit by their department) anyway they thought they'd got someone red handed and that person wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of finishing a sentence... that person being me. All this while my dad's on the trolley next to me in A&E. Then they call security, who turns out to be a lot more relaxed (as most big guys are) and takes my suggestion that "that they call the unit concerned" as "a good idea". I don't think I've ever been accused of theft before (wasn't really accused of theft in this case, but I did have an allegedly stolen wheelchair in my possession) but I think I was remarkably unconcerned about it all... Largely due to extreme anxiety about the state of my father.

Well the up-shot is my dad seems OK (all test fine and normal) and may just have needed a good sleep.

I'm home now. Ari just phoned :-)Ari is wonderful... 40 days until her next visit.

I'm drinking a bottle of Rioja and about to jump in the bath with Sherlock Holmes.

Moses the cat is fed and a sleep on the sofa. People have been asking about Moses.

Oh and I have a Captain Pugwash video on the way to me.


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