Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell


Father has had at least 2 strokes, I make it 3. He's been back to the medical assessment unit. I can't find out what if anything has been found out, until Thursday. This is doing me no good what so ever, anxiety levels are going through the roof. The last meeting with his care team (billed as a discharge meeting) wasn't that informative. But they did at least send him for more tests. The care team seem to think he needs a place in a "nursing home" rather than a "care home" , I was working on the assumption that this was going to mean more more money... It may or it may not, he could be eligible for continuing NHS care. My guess is there will be a sudden appreciation of the merits of "care homes" once I mention "continuing NHS care".

I've had form from Hell about my own health and a threat of having to see DWP doctor again, hanging over my head. This is pretty much the last straw. The form nearly made me physically sick. Christina was an angel and helped me through the form. I hate forms at the best of times but I'd rather have a mild road accident than fill this one in. No I'm not exaggerating. I'm formophobic. Well the form sent off. Now every time the phone rings I panic, I feel sick, I want to run and hide. The last 2 times I saw one of these doctors was a horrible experience. I can't go through that again. I didn't understand the doctors, I would say I didn't understand and he would "tut" and tick a box on his form. I realised 2 or 3 questions on what the first question was and realised I'd said "no" when I should of said "yes". I am not picking up the landline phone ever again. So please email or text me first. Each time the phone rings I 1471 and each time I find "we do not have the callers number" I feel my stomach sink. It happened again this afternoon. If it wasn't for my dad I'd rent out my place and move somewhere cheaper, forgoing what I'm entitled to in favour of not being put through the stress and anxiety these reviews. I don't believe it the phone is ringing again.... I don't think I can overstate how bad this is making me feel.

Everyone I've mentioned this to has said just about the same thing in one way or another...
"don't worry, you've told them your situation. You have told them?"

Me "yes"

Friend "There's no way they will make you see a doctor again"

Me "yeah right"

There is now Sod’s Law formula that shows they are all wrong.
((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10))

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