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Bad stuff first.
I still have the DWP threat of having to go see one of their stupid doctors hanging over my head. However I have read a thing or two on the Web about all this and I'm feeling a little better. However I now have even less faith in government department to ever get anything right first time. I'm sure that working within the departments there are many conscientious, hardworking and largely unappreciated staff. However such is the nature of government bureaucracy that the system is stacked against even the simplest task being completed correctly.

Sort of good stuff.
The lumps seem to be going down (stress slowly reducing and thus lumps leave the head of Rimmell). One remains and that's only because I kept scratching the little bugger.

Thursday I had the meeting with my dad's care team. That went well and they approved my choice of care home. On Friday I got the Assessment of Need... Now this form has been mentioned on a few occasions, and some people have given me the impression it was some mammoth task and I was expecting some tome packed with jargon... I could of filled in the form myself (and using better English). Well said form was faxed to the care home and I then had an anxious two hours waiting to see if they could provide the care my dad needs. I was pretty confident but one never knows. The care home had impressed me with their "can do" attitude when I visited it, even when I told them how much care my dad will need. I was nice to have R.J. with me to keep me from worrying too much. All worked out OK and even after reading the Assessment of Need they were still "can do".

I've been talking with my dad about the move from the hospital and even though it comes as news to him each time I tell him, he seems keen on the move. I just hope he's as keen when the day comes.

Lots to do now and I'm worried about my ability to do it all in the time frame. I'm OK if I pace myself, just have to remember to pace myself. Stupid thing is this would only be a couple of days work if I was 100%.

Tomorrow I have to clear out my mum's stuff, cloths etc, from the house. Really not looking forward to that job, but I'm having help to clear the rest of the house next week and I want to do my mum's personal stuff in private. I wish I could just close up the house and leave it as is but my dad's going to need the money renting it out will bring in to pay for his care. My dad made me his attorney before he became really ill and the responsibility is weighing heavy on me. I look at every possible problem from every angle I can think of then question every decision I make on his behalf. I know the next two weeks are going to be nearly as bad as the week all this began... however I have to get through it for my dad, because if I fall to bits I'm no use to him.

Ari's at work right now, she should be home around midnight London time, I'd like to stay up and phone her. Hope she's going to be able to get over sooner, this all hinges on one more person saying they will cover for her at work... Keeping my fingers crossed.

At last I feel there's some light at the end of the tunnel.

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