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Difficult week, made a lot less stressful by the wonderful Neil and even more wonderful Ari (I'm sure Neil will forgive the favouritism).

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Cleared out my dad's house. I think he's got more trains than all the rail operators in the UK, luckily his are either 00, 0, 1, S, G.... gauge, although he may have a couple of four feet eight and a half items lurking around somewhere (only Uncle Nemesis will get that joke).

I've packed away everything precious to my dad and it's now safely stored in the same storage centre that all my junk.. sorry precious things are stored. I'm now a 2 storage unit man. All this is effort is to clear my dad's place so I can rent it out to pay for his care. Quite why he has to pay for getting ill is beyond me. But they tell me he has been assessed for NHS care and came out zero points. Neil of the bronze casting fame has been helping me, he did all the lifting and packing other wise I wouldn't have lasted one day. Neil is promoted to "Diamond Geezer" status. It's been hard mentally as well, seeing little items that I haven't seen for years, 30 I think in one case, and memories came flooding back. Sometime I would smile and sometimes I would want to cry.

There's still lots of work to be done in the house but now all the heavy lifting is done (by Neil) and I can get on with packing a few odds and ends, then I need to get the place painted. Cyril the painter is going to look the house over on Sunday and let me know what needs doing.

Physically I feel like I've been punched all over my arms and legs. But I don't care at least the worst is over and I can get on with the "being there for my dad" bit.

Ari is over in less than 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to her arrival like a kid before Christmas.
Ari's been wonderful, listening to me harping on about each day this week. It's been a big help.

Heard from Paul last night, which was good, but his news wasn' doesn't seem to be a bed of roses for his family right now. His New York apartment sounds as if it has now windows and is right next to the fire station. The background sound effects are so NY, sirens, taxi horns, gunfire... Well no gunfire.

Tomorrow I'm waiting in for the mini shed. There may even be photos here once it's erect. Stop sniggering Jim.

Just need to get my dad settled next week, then finish clearing the house, get it painted, rented out, look into possibility or need to move to Devon, clear up my own flat..... Oh and I want a letter from the DWP, DSS, POORHOUSE or whatever department it is these days saying "they are leaving me alone".... If not I swear I'll be tipped over the edge by that one. Then I'll need a care home too.

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