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My shed arrived this morning, and it's the wrong size. This is a little wooden tool locker to go out the back under my kitchen window. I just knew when I ordered it there was going to be some confusion over the height. "54 inches max" I said to the lady filling out the form and "should we add a note saying to include roof and base?".
"No. That will do" said she.
I just spoke to her on the phone and I think she remembers how obsessive I was that they get the height right. I wonder if she remembers how confident she was that the workshop was going to get it right with out any extra footnotes from me.
This is why when ever I get something made to order I want to talk to the person who's making it. It's now going to be another two weeks wait to see if they can get it right second time. It's a pity because it looks like a really nice little shed. So if anyone needs a little wooden tool locker 58 inches high, I know where there may be one going cheap.

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