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Bringing this right up to date...

I've been as busy as I am able to be without total overload.

End of October took my dad down to Devon, where he now resides in very nice care home. He seems happy if a little confused. The hospital was getting him down, every waking hour other patients shouting being his main complaint.

Still clearing his house prior to renting it out to pay for aforementioned "very nice care home". House nearly cleared but as most of the remaining stuff is in the front room it looks worse than when I started. Painter arrives tomorrow and I still have more stuff to get downstairs.

Ari has been over for the last 12 days :-) We visited my dad, went to the Tower of London, attended the recording of a radio show, drank with Dr Alan, Bunny P, and Roger Moore, had burgers with James T. Kirk, Dave and Lee Anne and still had time to clear up my main bedroom and spend a few romantic moments together some of them in a 12th Century Inn. Oh and we went to the strangest bonfire party. It's not every night you get to see a giant prying mantis cut off the heads of all the incarnations of Guy Fawkes*, then see the stage go up in flames. This was in Sticklepath, Devon. Once again Ari's visit was over all too soon :-( and I dropped her off at the airport this morning. I have been watching her progress across the Atlantic on the airline web site and won't be able to sleep until she calls to say she's home.

I had wanted to get down to see my dad this week, however..... Painter in his house all this week. Next week I need to spend half an hour with an accountant on my father's behalf. Sounds just a little bit too grown up to me.

In other news... Anyone remember that photo of a PC all spread out on my sofa? Well it's now in a case and it isn't working GGRRRR!

The shed saga continues, they still can't get the size right. Good old British "Can't Do" continues unabated.

We have a new catch phrase thanks to the staff at the Museum Tavern, where they now have a "no alcohol in coffee" policy due to an "incident". I had to ask what the incident was. Could someone have got just a little bit too drunk and awake all at once? Did they have a strange Jekyll and Hyde reaction? No... it seems someone ordered coffee and Baileys, then got a bit up set about the price. Hmmm.... Guess we should be relieved they hadn't ordered beer and complained about the price, otherwise there would presumably be a blanket ban on beer in the pub. What really took me by surprise is I thought Ari was the only person who drank coffee and Baileys. So now when anyone says something isn't available, we add "it's been banned because of a previous incident".

Energy levels permitting I'm off to a film night of the London Sherlock Holmes Society next week.

*It seems the evil of Guido Fawkes transcends both time and space.

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