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Random update.

Still a few odds and ends to clear out from dad's house. Tomorrow I hope to finish it then on to the garage. That's not too bad as most has been cleared out already and it's mostly junk from the house to be chucked and stuff I haven't decided what to do with yet. Last week I had a letting agent round to look over the place and have been subsequently sent one of my least favourite things... a form. Now I think I've explained... well not explained as I have no idea why I hate / fear forms so much but I've at least told most of my friends that I hate and fear forms. Anyway this one was a big one asking all about the house... "How should I know?" was my first thought to most of the questions. It took an hour and a half and my hand still hurts from writing, this is an M.E. problem with gripping and stress probably makes me grip the pen even harder. But I digress... I did it.. well most of it the rest of the info is in the house and I'm going over tomorrow to find that out.

Tomorrow. Have to let Neil in at my dad's, he's helping me finish off, there some things I can't physically do so a big strong ex para should do the trick. Then off to Staines, I grew up in Staines and have a special loathing for it Sorry if you like Staines, but it did me no good at all. I'm only going to see the letting agent drop off keys / form and ask a few questions.

If I'd had any idea of what I'd have to deal with in the first six months after my mother's death I'd of curled up in to a ball and cried. But some how, mostly by doing one job a day, I think I may have got both my dad and myself through the worst of it. I hope it's the worst of it! I need a rest and a chance to stop worrying for a while.

Christmas seems to be shaping up nicely with a good mix of friends and family. I really wasn't looking forward to Christmas but now it's looking like fun.

Still wish it was January the 18th though.

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