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Christmas Stuff.

I'm ready for Chrismas. 350 mile drive ahead of me. Here's the plan:

Christmas day. 4:30 get up change Moses litter trays, Shower, Feed Moses, put down Cat O'matic to feed Moses over next 36 hours. Leave for Devon no later than 5:30. Arrive at Dad's around 9 am have coffee open presents. Watch a video or two. Head off for RJ's and Emma's to arrive around 3pm for dinner. Fall asleep in the library around 5pm wake up for wine and nibbles around 8pm... pass out around midnight.

Boxing day, Drive home. change litter trays. Go to bed.


My new VHS/DVD recorder arrived this morning.... and it doesn't work. Hrumph! Not all that impressed with the tiny improvement my new aerial made to the televisual reception in Rimmell towers.

Just finished new page for Neil and up loaded to and Jolly good it looks too.

Went out for coffee and mince pies this morning took the latest edition of the Sherlock Holmes Journal... And there's a game afoot in London this March. Looking forward to that.

Off to wash hair now...

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