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Happy New Year

So that was 2004 was it? It was the best of times and the worst of times. Lost my mum, pretty much lost my dad too. On the plus side did meet one very splendid young lady from Texas. My family have been absolutely marvelous and friends have been wonderful.

Christmas went pretty much to plan, way too much driving. I usually like driving, doesn't take too much out of me and I get out and about... but did way too much. Not helped by the bizarre driving habits of the "I only go on the motorway once a year" drivers who come out at Christmas.

I try not to make New Years resolutions as "like pie crusts they are made to be broken". I do have a long list of things to do. Most of them seem to hinge on companies getting back to work so I can phone them and say things like "it doesn't work, I want a new one" and "where's my steel shelving?" and "where's my dad's money?".

Count down to my US trip is ticking away like a mad thing... and I still have too much to do. Probably a good way of making the time go quickly. So should I dress in my usual mode or dress up a little to impress any US immigration official that I am indeed a good, honest upstanding member of society and more importantly try and score an upgrade on the flight over?

Did anyone record Sherlock Holmes on boxing day? My new aerial wasn't worth a cup of coffee let alone the £140 I paid, what's the betting I can't get that fixed quickly and free? Anyway I would like to see Sherlock without the sound keep cutting out. Can I borrow a copy from anyone please?

Just about to go up to London to meet up with Paul and Adrienne, hope Alan too. We plan to eat drink and go see Ken Campbell. Oh and Paul if you are reading this.... I'll may be travelling from Texas to Vermont in April / May and my copy of BRADSHAWS tells me that takes me right past your front door.

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