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Went to see Ken Campbell's Meaning of Life last night. It's not every comedian that gives out a bibliography for their act. I have a sudden urge to read amongst others: The Nag Hammadi and The Fabric of Reality by David Deutsch. Many thanks to Paul for suggesting and providing tickets for the above event.

At some point in the last few days it occurred to me to make the following video.

Uncle Nemesis Makes a Fence
There's sound too. He's gonna kill me for this ;-)

Strange thing happened today. I was under Waterloo bridge waiting for Ruth and the un LJ linkable Uncle Nemesis & Bunny Peculiar. I was perusing the bookstalls when I received a text from Russell. The Text read... "Any good books?". I span around trying to find him... Hmmm am I being followed? It turned out to be a coincidence and he was in the zone for
Eyes, Lies & Illusions at the Hayward. We were there for Kind Hearts and Coronets. Ruth arrived and we set off in search of food, but there was no food action to be had without a mile long line, so we made do with drink action in the NFT bar while we waited for Unx and Bunny. Unx and Bunny arrived and we headed in for the film. I love this film and as far as I remember this is the first time I've seen it on the big screen.

After the film Unx and Bunny rushed off to go look at the sights along the river, if I hadn't been so hungry by this time I'd of liked to have tagged along. However both Ruth and I needed sustenance (I believe this was Ruth's first meal of 2005). Darn good food and I was even brave enough to try a mussel My vegetarian credentials are at risk here, but recently I have started eating some sea food. Anyway... good meal, but I was so knackered and needed to head home... so of course the trains decide to start playing silly buggers.... Grrrr. But apart from this usual annoyance I had a fun time and I hope everyone else did too.

Got home eventually and went to sleep for a while. Just waiting up for Ari to get home so I can call her.

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