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I have a new suitcase. All legal and above board... Well the right size for putting in the hold of a Boeing 747 ... Feels a little daft having to get a smaller suitcase when you consider the size of a 747.

Uncle Nemesis is convinced that all the suitcases in the world are made in The Peoples Suitcase Manufacturing Facility Number 1, in China. Thus it matters not how much you pay for one you are still getting the same product... He may well be correct however I did notice the £25 ones hadn't even survived the ravages of 3 days worth of January sales so would presumably be in a million bits after the quick trip from check in to the plane.

Also tried phoning round various companies about stuff I've ordered and need NOW! Out of three only one answered and they are "going to get back to me".

Tomorrow... Plan to take many kilos of change to "change counting machine" plan is to turn that into paper money and donate that to the Tsunami appeal. I figure if everyone picks up the change around their homes, coat pockets, car, purse, back of the sofa.... We can help even more. I don't do pride in my country and/or fellow human beings (because it's strikes me as illogical to take pride in other people achievements, if only I could extent this logic to the guilt and shame I so often feel about my country and/or fellow human beings) , but the level of people's generosity after this terrible event brings a bit of a lump to this old cynic's throat.

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