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Tried to get to VW show and was trundling along quite happily looking forward to looking at loads of jelly mould shaped cars... When BANG! nasty noise from Raven's behind. That is where the engine is right? I pull over and look underneath for damage, no pistons laying on the road. "Bugger this!" I think and head for my parents. She's losing power so I'm wondering if it's a blown gasket... (well that's Uncle Nemesis's diagnosis). Decided to spend the day with mum and not worry too much about it.

Went to pub for lunch... Why can't they be more imaginative with vegetarian food? Fell asleep in the afternoon... well I did only get 3and a bit hours last night.

Came home to find I have message from Christina who's blown me out tomorrow. Good I'm spending the day in bed.


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