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Countdown to my trip to Texas seems to be getting slower and sssslllooowwwwweeeerrrrrrr...... Even though I am unbelievably busy with last minute stuff re my dad's place. Seems as if I may have a tenant for dad's house. Still have to get electrician in, gas safety test, inventory, cleaners... However it looks as if I'll have to leave it all to the letting agency as I'll be 5000 miles away. I'm surprised at how difficult I'm finding the idea of other people living in my parent's home. But it's all to pay for my dad's care so it has to be done.

Took time off today to meet Christina for lunch and catch up with all things Treadwellian. Dropped into the charity shop in Richmond and got this wonderful test tube rack.

I think it looks Jack The Biscuit next to my other lab stuff. I'm on the look out for some bigger test tubes and a few bottles to fit it. Oh and the rack was only £5 :-)

Things are slowly getting done. I mostly seem to be having to wait in for deliveries the last week. It's astounding how difficult it is for companies to get stuff to me when they say they will... "difficult"? It's bloody impossible! Well I now have a hall full of steel shelving, and it's going to stay there until I can get someone to get it over to the storage unit and get it up... Stop sniggering ;-) I mean bolted together.

In other news I have a fun new mobile phone... Haven't dared put my simcard in yet. It a Sony Ericsson P910i Gadgeto'ramatron. User guide runs to 200 pages (all English).

Finally have a working VHS/DVD recorder. Which is pretty cool and it's been tested converting old NTSC and PAL tapes to DVD. So far I'm very impressed and it's proving by far the easiest way of getting analogue video onto the PC. Burn on to DVD-RW, rip to HDD, edit in TMPGEnc DVD Author, burn to DVD-R.

TV Aerial man is coming over tomorrow to see if he can improve reception, I could sort it out myself if only planning laws would allow for a VLA on my roof.

Computer fair on Saturday, one of my favourite ways to start the day, breakfast in a London cafe and then geek heaven at the computer fair.

Sunday having my barnet dyed a fresh and deep dark black of doom by Bird Mad Girl. Grey hair is not an option.

Four more days to go until take off to see Ari. Why is time dragging so much? I'm ready to go.... NOW! I bet the two weeks over there flies by.