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Off soon.

Hooray! LJ is back up and running. Big round of applause to the guys for working around the clock over the weekend to get it back. I suspect that the UPSs will stop this from happening again, probably in the same talisman like way you never run out of petrol when you have a can of it in the boot.

Well The Tart of Gothness was correct I didn't die from swallowing the toothbrush bits... but I think they just came out... Ouch!

I'm feeling very excited at the prospect of seeing Ari again (around 10pm UK time on Tuesday). Looking forward to seeing her family, cats, dog, hermit crabs... I also hope to see a big DIY store, I believe the US ones make ours look like the corner shop. The Railroad museum at Galveston. A spot of house hunting. I haven't seen Ari since November and that's too long. I just hope she recognises me ;-)

Still need to finish packing. Can't think what not to take. May need to take another bag. No problem re allowance on the plane but I will have to lug it down to Gatwick. Going to burn a few more CDs for the flight... I already have pretty much the whole cannon of Sherlock Holmes from the BBC radio series on CDs, whole butch of Goth and Electronica stuff, various odds and ends I haven't had time to listen to....

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