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I'm in Texas. Not much to report yet. Trip real easy. US immigration officer really nice guy, even offered visa advice for future. I did notice one immigration officer who looked like Detective Sipowicz... I thought I didn't want to get in that line... but he was clearing his line quicker than the others. Customs ignored me... Or more probably checked me out good and proper and I didn't notice. Anyway much to my surprise and contrary to all the stories I heard or read... I was off the plane and in Ari's arms in about 15 minuets.

I had been without sleep for over coming up for 40 hours. So we went back to er place met the cats and Molly the dog, Chris, I drank some beer, eat some pizza (see how I slip into the American lifestyle) then passed out. Ari just jot home from work, it's about 5am (I feel like it's 11am) I still feel weird. Can't et my head round the fact I'm here. Probably need moor sleep.

The repair shop just called me on my mobile to say my cassette deck is fixed. They weren't too impressed when I said I'll e over to pick it up in two weeks. I wonder who much that call cost me?

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