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Yesterday we went to look at a house Ari was interested in buying.Really big (everything's big in Texas) it's a nice house, but I fear it will take a lot of money and time to fix it up. Had a look around the town. Felt like I was on a movie set as the black and white cop car rolled past. We looked around the antique stores. Lots of stuff I'd like but shipping it home would cost too much.

Food here is really good and the eat as much as you like salad place was pretty darn good. It's really good to just hang out with Ari, and be driven around looking at this and that.

We're off to the museums tomorrow. I hope to get a photo or two of me next to my favorite American steam locomotive... Watch this space. Going to video everything at the railroad museum to show my dad when I get home.

We're off for a curry tonight. It will be interesting to see how it differs from UK Indian food. Found a store that does Sierra Nevada Porter and Stout.

We have the opera and Galveston trip to look forward to next week.

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