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Had a lazy day yesterday. Watched TV, there's hundreds of channels to choose from. I opted for old films. In the evening we went to the megascreenmovieo'ramadrome. I was pleased to see someone had put a bit of thought into the interior design, and had gone for an art-deco look. I did find myself looking longingly at the photos on the of old single screen movie theatres on the wall. Anyway we were there to see House of Flying Daggers... which is wonderful! I think you could take any frame from this film, blow it up, and it would grace any gallery wall.

We headed over to a diner afterward. Briefly met (by chance) a friend of hers, Nick.

Ari's at work right now. There's a couple of times while I'm over they can't do without her. She should be back soon and I hope she's hungry 'cause I feel like breakfast, hmmm I think I'm putting on weight. Oh well, when in Texas... I'll diet when I get home.

I was thinking about getting a laptop while I'm here. The dollar to pound gives me a certain advantage even if I do the honest thing and pay the tax when I get back to the UK. I rather like the one I'm using now. It's Ari's HP Pavilion ZE4560US. I may go and look at prices this week and calculate the UK tax on top, see if it's really worth it.

Off to investigate Ari's coffee machine now.

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