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Holiday nearly over

Just a quick catch up. Been to the Dallas Opera (Madam Butterfly) very good... very mixed audience, rodeo shirts right next to evening suits. Ari looked fabulous, and I look OKish too if I'm honest, must do the suit thing more often.

We've been to see A Series of Unfortunate Events. Loved the Tatra T603 and the retro fitted tape decks in the cars.

Been looking round shops, eating. Went for the best veggie burger ever last night, and it would of only been about 3 UK pounds... if I hadn't had beer with it. For one glorious moment I thought I was being carded but it was a normal I.D. formality due to Richardson being "dry".

Found my al time favourite TV station TCM. Lots of old movies, seems Sunday night is Silent Sunday. Watched Greta Garbo in The Temptress (1926) last night.

Ari's at work right now so it's just me, 2 cats and Molly the dog. I worked out how to use the coffee machine so I may just last the morning.

I should start thinking about getting my stuff together for leaving on Wednesday. Arrive Gatwick Thursday 7am (what was I thinking when I booked that?) Not looking forward to getting back from the airport after a 10 hour flight. Mixed feelings about going home, want to see my dad, friends, but don't want to leave Ari.

Lots more stuff to be done when I get back. Flat needs two more rooms decorating, both rooms very involved with building of wardrobes, cupboards... First I need to re organise the storage units so I just have one. That was supposed to have been done before I left for the US, but the steel shelving didn't arrive in time.

Spoke to Nora last night. Seems my dad's OK. I just hope he remembers me. I have a video I got from the Railroad Museum for him and some footage I shot around the Museum's yard. Looking forward to showing him that.

Going to get ready to go out for breakfast now, as Ari should be back soon.

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