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Seems more people I know read this than I thought... I keep getting asked if I'm "OK" because I haven't posted for a few days... Sooo

Up dates...

Sunday 24th... Sorry can't remember.

Monday 25th British Museum with friend Keeley. Got to see loads of nice bronze things I want to copy.

Tuesday 26th Took mum to hospital they showed her how to use the pump for chemotherapy. Waiting room full of ladies in wigs... All very depressing.

Wednesday 27th Went to hospital myself, Dr very good and got the best bit of medical advice ever. "I'm not going to treat you for insomnia until you give up coffee" say he. He did say cut down slowly but being an all or nothing sort of bloke... I've cut it out completely, no extreme mood swings yet... Well apart from Friday night.

Thursday 28th Went for beers with vampires, they're all stark raving mad.

Friday 29th... Split between going to see Swarf / Psychophile or The Chaos Engine... Ended up deciding to go with what ever Unx was going to... Sooo on the way to see The Chaos Engine, on a roundabout just before Shepherds Bush, some moron pulls out just inches in front of me. I hoot and swerve around him. Usually that's the end of the story but Mr Moron hoots me, flashes, and drives inches from my back bumper. OK think I, in my new caffeineless induced discrepance, lets see what Mr Moron has to say for himself and stop my car (he's so close he's boxed in), get out and walk back to his. It seems at this point he didn't want me to stop and wasn't keen to get out of his car, so I wasn't able to explain he should have given way to me as I was approaching from the right. So I do my best stage shrug and get back in my car... But Mr Moron hasn't finished , he pulls along side us a suggests we follow him... "Yeah right, come back when I REALLY need a cup of coffee" I think as he pulls off at the next junction.

Chaos Engine were superb and sprites were much lifted, sound wasn't great but it still worked for me. It's a pity about the Garage, they could do with a better PA. Oh and a better selection of drinks but as I drive that's not really a problem but I know so many people who go with out a beer at gigs rather that drink the shite they serve at venues.

Saturday 30th Not much has happened so far as it's only 10:30 am.. A fan fell on me earlier which was kind of strange. I'm off now to see if jewelers have resized my rings yet... It seems my fingers are way off the ring scale, they don't look that big to me.

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