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This will be my last post...

...from Texas. It's 4:30am here, Ari is at work and I can't sleep. Just re packed all my stuff into 3 bags and I'm ready to go. Plane takes off in 12 hours. Will probably sleep a bit once Ari gets home.

LOL... I just got a service text on my mobile from AT&T Welcoming me to the USA. Just a little too late guys.

I've spent the night letting cats out, letting dogs out, letting cats in.... MAKE YOUR MIND UP!

Also found a fun thing on ebay... Can't say what it is as I've placed the winning bid and it's a surprise for Ari. Ari, please check for a surprise in your mailbox.

Things to do once I get home

1. Diet (I've piled on the pounds in the US, too much good food).

2. Visit dad.

3. Visit Bristol Uni Theater collection.

4. Put up steel shelving in storage unit #2.

There's lots more but that'll do for now. I may have tenants for my dad's house (so even more stuff to do) I talked to the agent this morning and it sounds good. Hopefully they'll be in by the end of the month. Then I'll need another holiday.

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