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I'm home. Flight back was OK. but the train journey back from Gatwick was hell, 3 bags and having to change at Clapham Junction in the rush hour. And I just noticed I'll be passing through there same time in May on my way home from seeing Ari. I think I'll get a cab or just not come back next time.

Big thank you to Ari for putting up with me and translating when I got into difficulty with the locals. Best misunderstanding of the trip was when I was given a glass with half tea and half coke in... That tasted very odd.

I have jet lag, my credit card company have pulled the plug on my card, I have a million and one things to do, and all the energy of a toy's battery on Boxing Day. I'm in no small amount of pain as well... but that'll wear off, it's just the usual for doing too much.

Spent the night doing banking stuff. Must get myself in order. My own finances have taken a back seat while I've been sorting out my dad's stuff and I missed a payment on the card and... I was out of the country when I got the reminder. D'OH! Paid now so it should be OK by next week. Funny thing is I'm soring out my dad's stuff fine, it's my own stuff that goes wrong.

Good news is the DWP have finally said OK to my dad's attendance allowance... ABOUT BLOODY TIME! There's a mountain of post still to go through. But I can't face it. Nothing looks too important so It'll wait.

Big "thank you" to Uncle Nemesis for looking after Moses and my flat. Looks as if he's done more than a spot of house work and left me some salvaged technology.

I've just been tinkering with my new mobile phone, I filled the old one up with reminders and notes on the PDA. I managed to get a Sony Ericsson P910i for only £25 by threatening to leave O2. In a year or two I guess this will be as much a lump of junk and my first Nokia. Good thing about this one is I can add extra memory (up to 1Gb) so I should be OK for a while.... Oh and it plays movies too. And it just beat me at chess.... I was beaten by a bloody phone! I'm jet lagged though so mustn't be too hard on myself.

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