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I went down to Devon to see my dad on Monday. Had a really early start as usual and was down there by 9am. My dad really wasn't looking too good, unresponsive, and no coordination. I wasn't too worried because he has good days and bad, but it's bloody depressing all the same.

I went into Torquay for lunch and phoned the company I bought my DVD recorder from. I was feeling pretty pissed off before calling them because of my dad's condition... after I was just plain old furious. They tried to tell me it wasn't a feature of the unit to be able to dub from NTSC VHS to DVD and there fore not a fault when it wouldn't. Having researched the product thoroughly before I ordered it I was more than a bit put out to be fobbed off with this statement. I was told they would take it back for testing but if the unit proved to be OK there would be a charge. So I decided I'd exercise my rights at this point and told them given the lack of knowledge of their returns and technical support department and more to the point the unit was not fit for the use it was intended I'd have my money back. I was told I'd have to fill in a form they'd email me. Read the email today and there are all sorts of conditions you have to agree to (all contravene the sale of goods act) so I called them back and said I'd be sending the unit back but there was no way I'd use the form as it contravened the sale of goods act... They agreed to a refund on the spot and gave me a new address to send it to, presumably not their testing centre. I think I got a lot more worked up about this due to some sort of externalising of emotions about my dad. I popped back to see my dad after lunch he was a little better but more interested in the television than talking to me so I headed round to Nora's.

Spent the late afternoon with Ron. He smoked his pipe, I drank coffee. Ron is one of those people you can talk to about anything. He's an ex school master, wildlife documentary film maker and all round fascinating chap. not sure how old he is I'm sure Nora said he was 80 but I'm sure he's younger... Stayed at Nora's drank wine went to bed early. Wish I could have stayed awake to talk to Nora and Willie who's visiting from Germany but I was really feeling rough so I had to crash out.

Dropped in on RJ and Emma in Swindon on the way back on Tuesday. Went out looking at antiques with R.J. the met up with Emma in the evening at the Glue Pot Very fine pub indeed. Wednesday a finally gave into my knees (my left knee is swollen up again) and got my first pair of trainers. I really don't hold with trainers but my knees hurt (more than all my bits usually hurt) and Fran tells me these will be good for me. So R.J. and I went to the (I can't believe I did this) Nike factory outlet in Swindon and I got a pair of Nike Air and a pair of NIke Maxair. I feel very crap for getting them and R.J. taunted me with youth culture references all the way back to his place. Well they look pretty crap to me (they'd look better if they weren't festooned with logos) but they are comfortable I guess... but at £50 and £45 they'd bloody better be!

Ian sent me a text telling me PC World were selling Packard Bell 15" TFT monitors for £100. So I dropped in there on the way home. Had to get Ian to come show me where they were.... but as he only works next door it was too far for him to come. So today I did two things totally out of character, purchased something from PC World and purchased my first ever pair of trainers. I think the trainers disturb me the most.

Talked to Ari tonight... then went to bed very early feeling really rough. Is it jetlag, M.E. flare-up, or doing too much? Probably all three.

Woke up around 3am called Ari. The clockwork Futurama Bender robot I ordered for her had turned up and she emailed a video of him walking along. I miss Ari :-(

I have to start sorting out storage unit #2 this week. I dropped in on the storage unit #2 on the way back from PC World. Had to look at nuts and bolts to see what size screwdriver and spanner I was going to need to put up the shelving. God knows how I'm going to muster the strength to get this done but it's costing £140 every 4 weeks to store dad's stuff so I need to get it stacked and my stuff sorted out in storage unit #1 so it all fits in one unit. Guess I'll have to do it like I've done everything else. Do a bit rest alot, do a bit more rest a lot more. And on that note and as I've been awake for 2 hours now... I'm off to bed.

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