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Still a bit out of kilter re sleeping times but I guess I have been for the last 10 years, so Jetlag makes little difference. I woke up at 4:30 and thought I'd check how stuff I was watching on ebay was doing. Ari popped up on Yahoo messenger but was too sleepy to talk and vanished without saying much... I sort of left feeling abandoned and the sneaking suspicion I'd said something wrong. I'm sure it was just that Ari was tired but any reassurance gratefully received.

Ordered a memory stick for my phone... May have been ripped off on the postage, but it's still cheaper than most places.

Knee still hurts.

I'm looking forward to the Cittie Of Yorke lunchtime drink today. Just hope everyone turns up... I have a feeling I'm going to end up sitting there like Nobby No Mates.

I'm heading up to London early to get breakfast then pop into the computer fair to get a new DVD writer as I'm fed up with keep switching drives around machines... and they are cheap enough to have the extravagance of having one in each machine now.

Good news on the letting of my dad's place, tenets should be in on the 1st of next month. Also good news about shelving storage unit. Neil's coming up for a few days and will help. Need to move a couple of things big things out of my dad's house too so if anyone wants an Ercol 3 piece suite, that's going cheap... If not I think it's going to be the biggest thing I've ever ebayed.

Sunday will be clear up the flat day, make room for the TV aerial man to get to the TV, under floorboards. Need to make flat safe for TV aerial man, so he avoids tripping over books, computers, boots, DVDs, CDs, cat........

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