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Weekend and stuff.

Saturday didn't quite play out as planned. The 12th seemed to have already been booked fby various people to do other more fun things... then Russell had a hangover , Uncle Nemesis did his back in, it was only the arrival of Fran that saved the Mycroft birthday drink from becoming Mark sits in a pub on his own again. Anyway it was good to chat with Fran and learn the secret of her purple hair.

I now have a duel layer DVD writer, not planning on buying any duel layer blanks just yet because of price. Also picked up a memory card reader, that slots into a 3.5 drive bay. DVD drive installed and working.

Knee still giving cause for concern. Wearing support now and it helps a bit.

Ordered Whitby Goffic Weekend tickets yesterday. Having missed the last 2 due to mum and dad health stuff. I'm suffering Whitby withdrawal. Ian is looking into accommodation. Just hope we haven't left it too late, I'm usually booked up at least 6 months ahead. Not sure how much of a good idea it is to go to April's Whitby as I'm due to fly to Texas on the Tuesday after but I need a Whitby fix. It will also give me a chance to book somewhere nice for the next one.

The TV aerial man is due to come today, but he has been due to come so many times before. It would be nice to get the reception fixed and be able to watch digital without the sound cutting out or picture freezing or breaking up into a random lego brick pattern.

Neil is coming over to have software installed on his new and very sexy laptop to enable him to transfer images from his new and even sexier camera (Nikon D70).

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