Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I could really do without this right now....

I have tenants for my dad's house. However with only 1 week before they move in (and me a heap of jelly for other reasons which may or may not come to light here) they want the following removed from the house.

Chairs x2
Coffee tables

Bureau, fold down
Ironing Board

Single Bed
Double bed
Chest of four drawers
Chair in front bedroom

Strange thing is they want all the expensive stuff out of the house all the crap pine seems to appeal to them. I may have homes for all this stuff but how I'm going to get it there is anyones guess right now.

Best or worst of all they want to rip out the built in wardrobes in the main bedroom... They are saying they want to stay for around 5 years so I guess it may be worth it.... But I can't help thinking back to my days of renting and the looks I'd of got from landlords if I'd made such suggestions of removing half the furniture or redecorating... apart from the one landlord who ended up with a black bedroom but that's another story.

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