Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

With only 3 days until the tenants move in I have:

Moved 2 armchairs and a sofa over to Dave & Lee Anne's Via man and van hire.

Moved a bookcase into my hall. Via man and van hire.

Moved a desk into the middle of my kitchen (where it will stay until the men from the charity shop come to take it away). Via man and van hire.

I still have a pile of stuff in the car but I'm too knackered to get it out of the boot.

I have a new and so far working VHS/DVD machine... Just tested with NTSC tape and it copied just fine, touch wood.

Still waiting for a refund from the crap company that don't know very much about anything they sell. Credit card company say they will be able to help, I just need to put it all down in writing and send it off to their disputes department.

The flat looks like a bomb's hit it. I need to clear up but feel too tired.

Knee seems to be getting better. Went without the support yesterday and wore my army boots again for the first time in a couple of weeks.

I'm amusing myself by customising the PC I built for video work. Just a few bolt on bits and a new paint job. Photos here when it's done. Off to the computer fairs again tomorrow to try and get a few more parts.

Then Saturday night I'll be over at my dad's doing the last few bits of clearing up / cleaning. Sunday I have to remove a few dozen pots and planters from my dad's garden to take over to the Uncle Nemesis plant sanctuary, and that will be everything done... I hope

Next week

Monday I rest.

Tuesday I go see my dad.

55 days until I'm off to Texas again... But there's a chance Ari will be over to see me before then. So I'm keeping those metaphorical fingers crossed once again.

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