Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Feeling very strange.

I had hoped to visit my dad this week but the old knee is still playing up. It feels a little better though. I got as far as Swindon and crashed at R.J.'s. We had a look at the GWR Steam Museum and I got a few more ideas for my Steam Punk PC.

While I was away I found out the tenants had moved in to my dad's place. It feels really strange to think there are people living in my parent's home. I'll try not to think about it too much. I need to check the Water / Gas / Electric / Council Tax bills have been transferred out of my father's name. But the maintenance insurance associated with some of the companies remain in place and continue to be paid by my father. This means calling people and I was going to do it today... but I really don't feel up to calling and think I'll wait until I hear back from the letting agent as there are a few things I still need to know... that's my excuse anyway.

I saw this today and wish I'd seen it before getting the cheaper one from Maplin:
Beverage Tray & Lighter

I picked up the red LED fans (for my latest PC makeover) from the post office this morning. Just tested them and very nice they look too. Really wish I'd gone for green now... but hay-ho! This was supposed to be a quick, cheap and easy makeover and not a full blown build, so no extra expense is needed. Think I need to cut out the fan holes because they a just a grid of small holes and the air flow is being forced back but the restriction... Now How do I cut these out neatly with out making loads of swarf? I really don't want to have to take everything out of the case.

Uncle Nemesis just called to see if he needs to call round and feed Moses. He doesn't but I tried to persuade him to come out for beers tonight. Unfortunately he's having to stay in and look after Andi who's broken her foot... again. Hi Bunny (if you're reading this) get better soon. I'll pop over and see you over the weekend.

Anyone fancy a pint tonight? I could do with a beer or two.

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