Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I got stuff done today.

Television aerial man came, changed a cable and moved the aerial a tad. Analogue now seems a lot better, digital... not sure yet.

Phoned Gas and water people re my dad's place. Gas people seemed on the ball and I think they understood what I wanted. Water man, LOL he really couldn't get his head around the idea I was living one place and wanted a maintenance contract with another. I tried to explain three times. Gave up and I'll wait until they send me the paper work for the wrong property and then phone again.

My PC was playing up last night. Something nasty was doing strange things to my anti virus. Well it's all sorted took a bit of un-install / re-install and a few updates and it's all working (touch wood)

Finally managed to get all my recycling out. So I can get down the hall again.

Also went out in the sunshine, then it snowed, then it rained, with new improved thunder... What's happening to the weather?

Phoned my cousin (Terri). My aunt isn't too well, she's becoming as confused as my dad. Feel really sad about that.

Feels strange to think there's people in my parent's house. There's a small part of me that resents them being there. I know we need the cash to look after my dad, but it feels odd to think I won't be popping round for coffee again.

Got myself a rather nice DeWALT Bi metal 79mm hole saw. This is to cut out the fan holes on the PC. Another component arrived this morning a Coolermaster Musketeer. I got the black version.

Anyone going to The Peel in Kingston Saturday night? So far looks as if it's just going to me.
Goff gig in Kingston.

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