Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I'm up bright and early to head up north... (well an hour north of the top part of the M25). Stopping in the wilds of North London to pick up Ian and Gemma. We're all off to a historic reenactment market. I'm after having some Victorian tailoring done.

In other news today(as they say on the radio)....

Looks as if my patience is going to be tested by another firm... Remember the DVD recorder farce? Now it's a faulty fan and light controller. Tried calling the firm yesterday and they were permanently engaged, sent message via their Web site, got a reply that they had emailed a RMA number to me. Why would anyone email to say they had sent an email? Needless to say the RMA email hasn't arrived and I envisage more farting around on the part of the company. Why do Why do companies do this? It's seems to be policy to be as crap as possible when dealing with faulty goods in the hope people will give up and stop trying to get a replacement. So they lose a customer and future profits.

I note I have never had any problems with US companies re returns. It's always sorted out with one email or one phone call. So new I have a new policy, if I have to make contact with a company more than three times about faulty goods I then demand my money back, as is my right under the The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended), and the company gets black listed. Dell please take note I think I gave you 9 phone calls before you got the chop from my list of suppliers. So have only one more message to go before it's game over for them... and I'm being generous because I'm not including the numerous times I tried phoning yesterday.

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