Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Weekend update

Saturday went to the historic re enactors market. Stopped by and picked up Ian and Gemma. The market had only just opened when we got there but the main car park was already nearly full. I had a look around at the quality of costume on offer then asked the best purveyor if she could make me a late 1880s suit. She asked all the right questions... "class?" and "day ware or evening?". Looks as if there's going to be a bit of a wait. But the price sounds reasonable for trousers and waistcoat. I tried another likely looking costume maker but she could only put me on her waiting list... 1 year. I decided to pick up a directory "Call to Arms" I'll send a few emails out to some of the costumers too see if anyone can make up what I want.

Also picked up a small gift for Paul (check your mail box Paul). For myself I found an 1880s photo album just right for cabinet cards and carte-de-visite.

Ian got a big black floppy cavilers hat and a feather to go in it. We're talking Puss in Boots fro Shrek 2.

After dropping off Ian and Gemma I drove home in record time. The north circular road was strangely empty and by going around the back streets I got around the Twickenham rugby traffic too. Got in called Ari and then fatigue really hit me and I crawled in to bed.

Sunday I tried to sort out a few problems I've been having with the computers. Win-d'oh!-s networking astounds me with it's work or don't work on a whim feature. I was also getting nowhere fast with a DVD formatting problem. So when I saw Fran was heading for the Dev... I stopped shouting and throwing bits of computers around and went don the pub.

Where I think I had a little too much to drink. I met Gill , Alexa, Rob, Raul, Sam, Alexander, Kareena and Danny (thanks to Fran for reminding me)... Now let's see if I can remember who was who.. Gill (Black bob hair and Chinese style jacket, does weight training and seemed to like my hair), Alexa (Indian gods top) , Rob (long hair already sitting next to me when Fran arrived), Raul (Sitting oppisite Rob when Fran arrived , Sam Long black hair, beard, labret piercing and a personal trainer), Alexander (very keen to enforce gender stereotypes by way of drink criticism), Kareena (black and green hair, German?) and Danny (cool hat, Italian and in a band who sounded familiar but I can't remember now).

The night went incredibly quick. I need not of left quite so soon (10:50), it seems there is now a latter train from Waterloo on a Sunday... not sure when that happened but may take advantage of it for future Sunday Dev visits.

Came home phoned Ari.

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