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The days are flying by and today went by in a flash. Got a text from Christina this morning. She the day off and was up for a coffee and a whizz around the charity shops in Twickers.

Came home and Chris headed off to Kingston to check out more charity shops. I decided that I would finally try and get the Cyberdog T-shirts Ruth and I scored in the Surbiton charity shops on ebay. I very nearly didn't manage it. The paper I was using as a back ground kept falling off the wall, wasn't sure where the camera USB adapter was... Couldn't think what heading to put them under on ebay. Managed to get them listed then headed off to Richmond to meet Ruth.

Had a very good pub lunch (dinner) in the Orange Tree. Then moved on to the theatre to see the new production of Dracula. I'm not saying a word about it here as I know a few people who read this are going later in the week...

It was good to see Ruth.

The evening just like the rest of the day flashed by.

Tomorrow is going to be another mad rush. I really have to get some more stuff done at the storage unit. Then I have to dash up to the ICA to meet Uncle Nemesis for beers and bands.

Wednesday I really need to get the Rimmell mane re dyed as the roots are showing and they are all grey. I did have the idea of trying another colour on the grey bits... I guess I'm too old to pull that off.

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