Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Later yesterday... Got home from dropping off amphibian. Then had a quick chat with Ari, before I had to dash off to The ICA to see Queen Adreena... of course being an arty place the bar had no beer. First band on Errr.... "Three Children of Fortune" I think... Possibly taking their name from the tale by the brothers Jacob and Carl. They did seem very young. (bands like policemen all seem very young these days). Guitar, bass, drum three piece with guitarist doubling up on vocals. First song starts all very pleasant jingle-jangle guitar and I think "Oh dear God No!" and I'm about to resign myself to half an hour of brown suede shoe gazing pop... and blam! They launch into a real hard, tight, kick arse and dare I say "Grimm" set. If a song about beating up your girlfriend isn't grim, I don't know what is.

Next band up was Ariel-X. Now maybe it's because they were only just back from Texas and still feeing the effects of jet travel... but they seemed to lack that certain something. Their music just seemed to fall on the floor like a dead fish. Unx and I soon headed back to the bar. Glancing at the Ariel-X merchandising Unx muttered something along the lines of "pity they don't live up to their T-shirt display" which with it's rope-lights did have a lot more sparkle than what was currently happening on stage.

That just left Queen Adreena. Who apparently have a new single to promote and tonight's gig is being filmed for a live DVD. I know very little about this band and I'm only at the gig because Unx has a spare ticket due to Andi breaking her foot. But it's an ill wind and all that... I won't say I'm pleased Andi broke her foot (because that's not nice) but I'm rather please Unx thought of me as a donor for the ticket. So what do I know about Queen Adreena, and I only know this because I went out with someone who seemed to like them. I know Katie was in Daisy Chainsaw... That's about it. So tonight I was a Queen Adreena virgin...and the earth moved. I worry that Katie maybe just a little bit disturbed, could be just a stage persona but it all looks very real, I was reminded of Ian Curtis, due to the "I would prefer to watch from over here because I'm not sure what you're going to do next" feeling.

Here's some photos courtesy of Uncle Nemesis

There's probably some clever pun about Queen Adreena play the ICA which is in the Mall, and Buckingham Palace and the Queen there in... but I'll leave that one to Uncle Nem workout and regale us with in his review of this gig

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