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Must keep this up to date or people think I'm dead.

Had meant to get up early today, well best laid plans and all that, didn't get up till midday. Went to the jewelers that are supposed to be resizing some rings for me. Hmmm.... They keep saying "they'll be ready on Friday" which Friday I have yet to find out. All done with the best British "can't do" attitude. I had wanted them to wear in Brighton last week, I may get lucky and get them back before Whitby at the end of the month, or the buggers have lost 'em.

Slipped round to see friend Christina for coffee, I'm having to carry my own coffee around with me now so it was really only hot water ;-) Dr said (very sensibly I thought) "I won't treat you for insomnia until you give up caffeine". So I have to carry a pot of decaff around with me. Oh and I've tried herbal teas and frankly they taste like the sweeping from a florists floor.

Leave Christina working on spreadsheets, business plans and all sorts of grownup stuff and head over to see friend Dave and have more decaff, this stuff is probably no better for you than the real stuff. Dave seems OK apart from trying to get me to eat a parrot chocolate button.

Got home and did some work on Meltdown website, not fun stuff with actual design but boring behind the scenes script stuff for on-line ordering.

I'm kind of winding down now may open a bottle of red plonk and read a book.

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