Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Called Paul and had a good chat. I finally got off to sleep sometime around 5am. Uncle Nemesis came round some time around 10:30 ish. We were on a frog spawn hunt. I think he's left it a little too late in the year although he insists his (well his frog's) hasn't hatched yet. The plan was find spawn and swap some with his as his frogs are in danger of becoming too inbreed. I'm imagining frogs with extra digits, but handy for the banjo playing they all seem to have learned after generations of getting off cousins.

Well we couldn't find any. Unx took a bit of a fall into one pond (sorry for laughing Unx). We walked for miles, ended up at Kew then tubed it back to Richmond. Unx put some film into the 1 hour D&P shop and did some yoga on the green. I don't do yoga so I headed home via the charity shops in East Twickers, picked up a Cure bootleg CD for a quid.

Got a brief call from Ari this evening :-) She should have computers and DSL up and running at the new place tonight.

I should be clearing the living-room right now but totally knackered from our long walk today. I'm going to pay for it tomorrow. Should have hot bath I guess.... Just went and put the water on.

I have a new scanner to set up tomorrow and a ton of scanning to do.

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