Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Sunday Cycle

I decided to try cycling over to see Uncle Nemesis and Andi this afternoon. Probably a really bad idea... My legs are now killing me I haven't cycled that far in ages. I have to get out on the bike more, if by some miracle I can get up at dawn tomorrow I will try and go for a spin around the park. Somehow I think I'll be in bed all day having over done it today.

Unx was working in the garden so Andi and I sat and watched from the bench. I was treated to a mega Unx veg curry. I could feel myself starting to flag so I headed home, just gritted my teeth and peddled till I got back. Half fell off the bike once I got home.

Unx gets tough with the veg.

Andi shows she's still more agile than most, even with a broken foot.

Got to go now Ari is online :-)