Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Amazon Rock!

I ordered an A3 scanner from Amazon a few weeks ago, it really wasn't up to scratch, no end of Windows XP problems, and a Web site with conflicting advice to get it working. So I packed it up. It took one mouse click on the Amazon Web site to get a returns number and off it went by post the following day. I just got an email from Amazon, full refund and a refund of return the postage. Other companies should take note. Now who am I most likely to order from in future? The company who took 6 or 7 emails and as many phone calls before they gave me a refund? I don't think so.

In other news...

Today I took down the makeshift clothes rail in the storage unit. Managed to stab myself in the chin in the process. I had to buy a four pound hammer to knock apart the slot together shelving that will form the new rail.

Tomorrow if Fat Fighters day (I've been eating as much dust as I like). I had better have lost some weight or I'll cry. I'm not expecting miracles but a couple of pounds lighter would be nice.

Also more bits of shelving should be arriving.

And better still only 3 weeks until I fly to the US again. Oh yeah, Ari is back on-line too, having started her move over to her new place.

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