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The Fat Chart

Some time ago Ian of much Wyrdness... Told me a friend of his only managed to lose weight when he tackled it as a mathematical problem. Which essentially it is, too much fuel in + not enough energy spent = store energy in body fat.

I have created a bar chat to plot my progress and put it here. So you can now cheer me on as my weight plummets... or more likely fall about laughing as the pounds pile back on.

Many thanks to Pierced & Proud for holding the fort this morning while I went to Fat Fighters.

I also found time today to:

Book cat in for his annual shots. (He's not going to be a happy cat around 9:45am tomorrow)

Take fresh newly delivered shelving bits to the unit.

Get a length of steel for door reinforcing.

and have 3 cups of coffee.

I'm off to bed for a while now as I seem to have over done things again....ZZZZZZZZ

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