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What with the Moses vet thing last week a few other things... I forgot to mention the wonderful meal produced by The Tart of Gothness when we paid a visit to Andi to check on her foot situation last Thursday.

Today I...
Took a ton of stuff to the storage unit.
Started moving stuff across from one side of unit #1 onto the new racking I put up last week.

OK dull photo.. but it took a lot out of me to do and I'm quite proud to have got so much done. Look you can even see the floor!

Here's the before photo.

And coming up this week we have:

1. Fat Fighters (not feeling too confident this week, will be happy if I've dropped a couple of pounds and not surprised if I've put some on).
2. Pick-up $s for spending in Texas.
3. Go up to Tottenham Court Road, get video cables.
4. New Oxford Street get 1600asa film for Whitby 3D pix.
5. Go to Treadwells for Dark Heaven.

Hmmm... that list seems too long I don't think I'm going to be able to do all that... May rethink items 3 & 4.


Go see my dad. I have a pile of cool stuff for him.

Come home via my cousin Richard's. To see how he's doing after his foot operation and get some financial advice.


Two weeks until I fly out to see Ari again. Can't wait...