Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Back home

Went to see my dad on Thursday morning. He seemed a little better than the last two visits. But that's just luck of the draw as he has his ups and downs like me. We watched a Union Pacific Railroad documentary I took down for him featuring footage of all 25 Bigboys (UP Class 4000). I think dad enjoyed the film, he did make a few train whistle noises at the appropriate moments. The most I got out of him was a mumbled "yes please" to biscuits and something that may have been about mum.

After spending the morning with him I went over to Paignton to see Nora. We had a good old chin wag and then I popped next door for a visit to Ron, drank coffee and chatted all afternoon. Returned to Nora's for a fine slap-up Veg shepherds pie and an early night.

Friday I went over to Totnes for the Friday flea market. Where I found this

I've been after on of these for ages. Keep seeing them on ebay and missing them because of various reasons... but this looks like the best I've seen and cheapest by far. I was so excited I took the photo of it with my phone as soon as I bought it and sent an email off to Ari so she could share in the excitement or wonder just what the old goth was on about this time. Reason for my excitement... it's an old bullseye oil lamp, as used by the police. You can shut out the light, just like in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

After Totnes I stopped off at two tile factory shops. I was looking for one I used to go to a few years ago. Found it. Stole two catalogues. I just assumed they be free, it was only later I noticed they were a quid each (which by the way is a bloody cheek!). I'm thinking of redoing my bathroom. But do I do it Victorian or, more in keeping with the 1930s flat, Art Deco? I may go around the reclamation yards and see what baths I can get to fit then take it from there... All this won't be until at least next year as I have two other rooms to do first.

After the big catalog heist I moved on to the New Forest (came through the worst hail storm I've ever been out in, thunder lightning, dogs running across the main road, driving on a road which was an inch thick in hailstones) to visit Richard And Karen, for a chat about boring stuff like how best to sort out my dad and my finances ( I think I have a plan now that will take care of any problems that may pop up in the future). Then spent the rest of the day and night working on Richard's PC... I should of just reformatted and reinstalled. It's been running Wind'oh!..s 98 for over 6 years with little or no maintenance. How? I don't know. I've never had Win 98 on a machine for more than a year before it's got so bad I needed to reinstall. I hate to say Richard's PC beat me but it did, we ran out of time and I had to leave Richard with a dead PC. He's thinking of getting a new one now, but I hope he doesn't so I can have one more crack at the thing. Came back through the New Forest in the mist, ponies walking out of the mist, I was taking it real slow after having nearly squashed a cat and dog on the road earlier in the day.