Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Very, very tired

I think the trip down to Devon really did for me. I couldn't really get going yesterday, then today I didn't get up until 1pm. I forced myself to go out for a bit of exercise. Walked over to Uncle Nemesis, but he wasn't there(but did see his skip and I'm sure all the crap in it can't be his). Walked home again. Really knackered dozed on the sofa while trying to watch a Sherlock Holmes DVD, had to watch it again tonight as I missed most of it.

Talked to Ari briefly before she had to get off to work. She should be home soon. So I'll be calling her soon.

I have to take Goth Cat to the vet tomorrow for his T4 blood test. Keeping fingers crossed for him.

Tuesday is Fat Fighters, I'm really worried I'll of put weight on. Please let me be 3 pounds less, please let me be 3 pounds less, please let me be 3 pounds less, please let me be 3 pounds less...

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